5 Fashion Trends I Am Obsessed With This Season

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In lovely New Zealand, we have been in the depths of winter. This means I have been suffering through winter since November last year. I moved back to NZ at the end of the English winter, only to arrive at the start of the NZ winter. So, needless to say, I am sick and tired of winter fashion (I have been spending the last two weeks looking at the weather, hoping that there is going to be a bit of warmth….no luck yet). I have, however, been in love with a few trends for the last six months, and I am here to share them with you today.

5 Fashion Trends I Am Obsessed With This Season:

1) Boyfriend jeans: Now, I don’t really think that these are a ‘trend’ per say, I think these are an item that just seems to be popular every year. It took me ages to find the perfect pair, especially since I left the perfect pair in London.

Boyfriend Jeans

2) Adidas shoes: I’ve lived in these this winter. They are the perfect walking shoes and are comfortable and also warm! I also like how they have flowers and are black – so I don’t need to worry about them getting dirty! They are a limited edition pair, so sorry guys, they aren’t available anymore 😀

Adidas Trainers limited edition 2016

3) Jumpers: I love jumpers. I buy jumpers a lot. My wardrobe is pretty full – Acrylic, wool, loose knit, off the shoulder…even the odd Christmas jumper I bought for Christmas jumper day in the UK. I love wearing jumpers with skirts, jeans, dresses. They are so versatile and they are just A for Awesome.


Christmas jumper Next 2016

4) Miniskirts: Miniskirts have been in forever. I love skirts that have different textured material – my favourite one is a suede mini I bought in Salisbury for a bargain price in a vintage shop. Best purchase ever and #noregrets. Another favourite is a burgundy cord skirt (Primark) and a faux leather skirt (Dorothy Perkins). I also have a blue knit one that I’ve had for a long, long time. I like wearing miniskirts with chunky tights and heeled boots, or loafers.

Asos miniskirt

Unfortunately with it being winter, the light isn’t so good, so I managed to find a photo from the summer time.

5) Brown oxfords: I wanted a pair of brown oxfords since I arrived in the UK. They are cute, perfect for work and look good with pretty much everything. I also like the ‘geek chic’ look that they have! I, unfortunately, couldn’t find any oxfords, so I settled for the next best and purchased these brown laceups instead!

brown laceups


I spend most of my time thinking about fashion and what to wear.

What are your favourite trends this season?

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