6 Tips for Vintage Shopping

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It’s no secret, I love vintage shopping. I find it exhilarating, in a way. I love walking into a shop and finding clothes that no-one else has! There’s something exciting knowing that you are probably the only (or one of the only) to be wearing this particular item. The stories behind the clothes interest me – I always think ‘I wonder who wore this’, or ‘I wonder what their story was’. What have these clothes seen? I decided that I should write a ‘tips for vintage shopping’ post, especially since shopping is one of my favourite things to do!

6 Tips for Vintage Shopping

1) Whenever I go vintage shopping, I make sure I have a whole day set aside with no distractions.

I like to spend a day looking through the vintage shops because when you are in a rush, you often miss the most interesting pieces! It’s important to have time to go through the clothes. I like running my hand along a clothing rack until I feel a material that interests me, or I see a pattern that interests me.

2) Inspect the clothing carefully.

Broken zips and small holes can be easily mended, however, sometimes a piece of clothing requires too much work. It might be the most beautiful dress you’ve ever seen, but is it worth it? I always hated it when I would find the most stunning dress only to get it home and notice that the seams were coming undone. Luckily since I can sew, I am able to fix these things up, but sometimes I don’t want to!

3) Take hand sanitizer.

You are looking through people’s old clothes. Most high-end vintage stores do was the clothes, however, stores that are more like charity shops probably don’t. Usually, you can tell by the smell. I always take hand sanitizer with me whenever I vintage shop.

4) Think.

Will I actually wear it? It might be the most beautiful 1950s tea dress with a gorgeous tulle skirt, but would you ever wear it? I’m guilty of buying vintage dresses and never wearing them because they are too good for everyday wear, and I still haven’t been invited to a fancy party.

5) Try the clothes on.

Most shops have a no return policy (at least that’s what I’ve experienced). So try the clothes on carefully before buying! It sucks getting something home and then finding it too big or small!

6) Before you shop.

Think about what you are looking for. Stick to what you need to buy. If I need to get a new dress for work or a new blouse, I think about the pattern and design I want. I think about what it will suit in my wardrobe. It’s important to know what you actually need, otherwise (like me), you’ll go into the shop and find all this stuff that you didn’t know you needed.

And yes, this is a very old photo of me – the only one of my looking through the racks of a vintage shop in Amsterdam. You might notice I have a sassy pixie cut here.

I hope these tips are helpful. These are the things I run through whenever I go vintage shopping.

Does anyone else enjoy vintage shopping? What do you enjoy about it?

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