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Blogmas Day 6: 12 Days of Outfits – Day 3

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12 Days of Outfits – Day 3

For this post, I chose a dress that I bought in Myanmar earlier this year (OMG take me back now). It is a gorgeous dress, perfect for those slightly chilly summer days – and it is red. As some of you may know, red is my favourite colour. I like to say that red for me, is what pink was for Elle Woods. I firmly believe that everyone has that colour that they love. That colour that makes them happy!

Red is that colour. I like the strength in red, the depth and the range of shades too. 

This dress is more of a maroon/red. It’s got long sleeves, gorgeous pleats and is decorated by ‘antique’ looking flowers. I especially love the pussy-bow at the neck of the dress. They are really cute and make the outfit more playful!

12 days of outfits v

I bought it before I knew that these sorts of dresses were going to be popular this year! I’m quite the trendsetter, I’ll have you know!

12 days of outfits

When was the last time you twirled? Just for the fun of it? One of my favourite things to do is to twirl around. I think maybe, I was supposed to be a ballerina but missed my calling.

12 days of outfits

I’ve really been trying to produce pictures for Instagram that I love.

I got caught in the trap of looking serious, and not smiling. When I actually smile a lot. I’ve been trying to capture more candid moments. So, instead of taking single shots, I video instead and snapshot the frames where I am more relaxed and in-the-moment. I feel like it’s a good change from what I have previously done.

12 days of outfits

That’s my concentration face.

I’m really enjoying looking through my photos and picking the ones where I am showing my teeth and smiling. As you may tell from this photo, I am wearing a brace on my top teeth at the moment. I had braces as a teen, and 10 years later my teeth have started going slightly crooked again! I’ve gone back to my old ortho, and he is fixing them for free. It’s a little annoying as the plastic on the brace causes me to have difficulty saying letters like ‘j’, ‘d’, and ‘g’.

12 days of outfits

I survived jumping off the steps, so I’m pretty proud of myself!

However, no more talk about my teeth! Let’s celebrate Christmas time!

What is your favourite thing to do at this time of year?


12 days of outfits


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