Finding Love

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As some of you may know, I have been on the tricky path of ‘finding love’. It’s been difficult, it’s been upsetting and most of all it has been hilarious.

The Finding Love Adventures

I decided to join a dating agency, as I had absolutely no luck finding a man online. What a mistake that has been. Not only was it expensive ($500), the men they matched me to were totally unsuitable. $500 gives you 4 dates/introductions.

The most recent dates (online and agency) have been:

  1. unreliable: a man out of the country 22 days a month.
  2. dodgy: a man who kept flexing, winking and saying weird things to me.
  3. a man who didn’t want children, and told me that there is an expiry date on any kind of relationship we have. All because I want children.

Why would an agency set me up with someone who didn’t want children? I made it very clear that I wanted to be set up with someone who would like to start a family.

Finding Love is Funny

The main reason why this whole experience has been hilarious, is simply because these men have been so unsuitable. Why on earth would you send me on a date with a balding, middle aged man who spent his whole time winking and flexing? I’m 27, I’m not looking for someone in their 40s.

My search for love should be a reality show. My whole extended family only want to talk about my dates. That’s how interesting I am. 

This search for love, has made me realise quite a few things about myself. For example, I realised how much I love being single.  I think you need to appreciate and enjoy being single before you embark on a relationship. My sister once told me that she is a better person in a relationship, than when she is single. I thought that was quite sad.



Is there a finding love rule book?

It feels like I’ve only really started looking for a boyfriend because I’ve had a lot of people ask me whether I’m in a relationship yet, and ‘have you shacked up yet?’. I’m 27 now, so that means I should be in a relationship, and possibly have kids.

I really believe that there is no rule book saying that when you reach a certain age you should be:

a) married with kids

b) in a relationship.

People meet their spouse or partner at all different ages. Sometimes it might be later in life, sometimes it might be younger.  It all depends on whether you meet the person suitable for you.

I’ve dated plenty of men, but all of them have been duds. Well, except for this one guy that I let go (and regretted – but it was the right thing to do at the time).

Finding love is important

One of my biggest concerns is growing old by myself. I don’t want to be alone! Although I am searching, I am also making sure I have time for myself and for my friends and family.

finding love

As the great Audrey Hepburn said:

‘We all want to be loved, don’t we? Everyone looks for a way of finding love. It’s a constant search for affection in every walk of life.’

This is definitely something I have to agree with. Whilst there may be some people who are happy being single, I think everyone deserves a chance at love. It is nice to have someone to love and also someone to love you back.

Should I stop searching for love?

Quite a few people have told me that I need to just stop looking. However, I haven’t been looking for the last year or two, and Mr Right still hasn’t turned up. I think you do need to look to some degree, otherwise you could miss him!

I found this quote when I was googling this subject:

finding love quote

This is so true. WHERE ARE YOU????

So, all in all, I am no closer to finding love (aka getting a boyfriend) than I was a month ago when I first wrote about online dating.

Have any of you had shocker dates?

Do you find it difficult to meet men?

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