Highlights of Myanmar

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Highlights of Myanmar

As some of you may know, I recently spent about 2.5 weeks in Myanmar. Myanmar is a beautiful, interesting and awe-inspiring country. I thought very carefully about what to put in this highlights of Myanmar post because every place I went to really was a highlight!

A Little History:

Myanmar (also known as Burma) became a British Colony in the 19th Century but gained independence in 1947. However, there was a coup in 1962 and the country was run by a military government. Finally, democracy prevailed and in 2011 a new government was voted in. Despite this, the military still has power over some of the most important ministries within Myanmar.

My Holiday:

We arrived in Yangon (Rangoon) on the 29th of December. From Yangon we went to Golden Rock, and then flew to Mandalay. After we spent a few days in Mandalay we took a river-boat to Bagan. Our last stop was Inle Lake and Pindaya, before flying back to Yangon and then from Yangon to Auckland.

Highlights of Myanmar:

I loved every part of my holiday. Myanmar, like I said earlier, is a really interesting place. A lot of people there work very hard, and most of them still use ‘the old ways’ to make things like pottery, and also lay roads.  All of the road works I saw were laid by hand (they’d carry baskets of stones and lay them evenly on the road).

1) I loved the Golden Rock. We went for an overnight trip there, and our guide was excellent. It was a really great introduction to the country and also how people live there. Golden Rock was spectacular.

Highlights of Myanmar Golden Rock Highlights of Myanmar Golden Rock



2) Bagan was by far my favourite place. There were so many pagodas and spires. We spent one day getting driven around in a tiny 3 wheeled taxi.

Highlights of Myanmar Bagan Highlights of Myanmar Bagan Highlights of Myanmar Bagan

3) Inle Lake was another favourite place (it is just so hard to choose!). We spent two excellent days there. The first day we were on a little boat all day – room enough for 3 seats in single file and the driver at the back. We visited silversmiths, markets, weaving factories. They had really lovely jewellery there, and I bought a lot of it!

4) Yangon. I quite liked Yangon. It is busy and bustling, and there were a couple of excellent places to visit. Shwedagon Pagoda was amazing.

Highlights of Myanmar Yangon Highlights of Myanmar Yangon Highlights of Myanmar Yangon

Highlights of Myanmar Yangon


5) Mandalay – you may have seen my post about Mandalay already. We spent a couple of days there and went on day trips to some Ancient Cities.

Highlights of Myanmar Mandalay Highlights of Myanmar Mandalay

Now I’m back home in NZ (it was such a struggle getting back home because I didn’t really want to leave Myanmar). I love to travel, so every time a holiday ends it is bittersweet.

I’m so glad that I chose Myanmar as my destination for these holidays.

highlights of myanmar


  1. Rebecca's Reviews

    21/01/2018 at 4:39 PM

    Ooh very cultural post and some great photos to go with it! I’ve never been to Myanmar but it seems a very interesting place. Inn Lake looks so pretty! xx.

    Rebecca |

    1. kattie

      21/01/2018 at 6:44 PM

      It was really so beautiful and interesting!

  2. Kate

    28/01/2018 at 6:00 PM

    Oh wow! Myanmar looks beautiful. I’m not surprised you had a hard time trying to decide which part was your favourite. I’ve always been fascinated by Myanmar, and now I’ve got major wanderlust after your post! Your on the water accommodation sounds fascinating, too!
    Kate x

    1. kattie

      28/01/2018 at 6:55 PM

      It really was an amazing place to go to. It was so interesting. You’ll have to go there one day! Thank you for your comment 🙂

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