How to Throw a Great Christmas Party at Home

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How to Throw a Great Christmas Party at Home

Unless last Christmas you gave someone your heart but the very next day they gave it away, it means that you still think of this holiday as something magical and that it still evokes beautiful memories in you. Hopefully, the thing that happened to Wham! in the song didn’t happen to you, and this is a good enough reason to celebrate this Christmas with your best friends and loved family members. People always organize quiet Christmas dinner parties and celebrate this holiday in a calm and relaxing way, but what about throwing a spectacular party for the holidays and thus giving the universe the hint that you’re still young and crazy and that the world can expect magnificent things from you in the next year? If we convinced you to actually throw a great Christmas party at home, this is how you do it:

How to Throw a Great Christmas Party at Home

1. Make yourself merry little invitations

First of all, you need to think about the invitations that you will send to all the invitees. Sure, this is perhaps not the type of a party that you would otherwise need invitations for, but hey, it’s Xmas, so why not get a bit crazy and festive if we have the option to? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these, though, as you can find some great ready-made ones and send them out via a social network. Even though people won’t get the invitations in print, it’s always nice to see those small invites with mistletoe, lights and Xmas trees all over with their name written in a nice, cursive font. If you want to go the extra mile and actually design your invitations yourself, print them out and send them out – you can do this as well, but make sure to do this quickly as it’s almost time for your party!

How to Throw a Great Christmas Party at Home

2. Rockin’ around the Xmas tree

There’s something more important than the guests for this party to succeed – the Almighty Christmas tree! If you are on a limited budget, don’t try to save money on the tree, as this can either make or break the whole experience. While decorating your tree, think about the colours – you should always choose red and gold but you can make different combinations as well. As far as the rest of the décor is concerned, there are plenty of ideas for DIY Christmas decorations that you can use, but the good thing is that you can never overdo it!

3. All I want for Xmas is a good bar

So, we’re done with the invitations and the decorations, and it’s time to think about what the guests will wine and dine. Yes, it should be a calm night, but why not get crazy and super festive for Christmas and make some of the most amazing Christmas cocktails? If you opt for this step, you can always order your drinks – finding top-quality gin online is an excellent idea as it will save you time on getting to the store and getting a couple of bottles yourself. Moreover, gin is always an excellent idea for cocktails! If you want to get a bit more festive and elegant, you can always opt for whiskey or champagne.

4. Santa Claus is coming to the buffet

Perhaps you’re organizing a killer Christmas party, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay special attention to the food. The buffet is always one of the most important segments of any dinner party, and for Christmas, it is a bit more special. You can go with the regular turkey and different original appetizers and side dishes; or if you like to cook, you can spice it up a notch this year and find some of the most amazing Christmas recipes online, such as making roast prime rib with thyme and marsala. Final tip – decorate each dish so that it looks extra festive!

How to Throw a Great Christmas Party at Home

5. Let it snow good music and activities

Finally, what about the music and the activities? You can start the night by playing some of the most amazing Christmas party songs while going in circles and retelling the best moments of 2018. For the second part of the party (after everyone’s done with eating), you can change your playlist to the biggest hits of 2018 and continue with the drinks. Doesn’t this sound amazing? 

Writing this article has already got me planning my own Christmas party and honestly, I can’t wait for it. Can you? If not, play some Mariah Carey or Frank Sinatra and the holiday will come a bit quicker. Have yourself a Merry little (or Crazy big) Christmas!

How to Throw a Great Christmas Party at Home


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    Beautifully written! Great photos too. I wish I could come to your party, it sounds like it will be a blast!

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      19/12/2018 at 3:46 PM

      Thank you! Haha party at my place 🥳 🎈 🎉

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