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Is it bad to be an introvert?

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Is it bad to be an introvert?

Is there something wrong with being an introvert?

I’ve always had a quieter personality, and often people try to ‘walk over’ me because they think I can’t stand up for myself.

However, there have been times in my work-life where people try to tell me that I need to act more ‘extroverted’. I’ve also been told that at my workplace that we are all extroverts.

I detest that. I detest how people try to tell me how I should be acting. In school, as a child, I was told that I needed to be more vocal. But, I was never the type to just spurt random nonsense. I thought that once I got out of school and into the working world/ university world, that it would change. I thought people would be more respectful of different personality types. I was told that I was ‘noticeably absent’ from a staff meeting not too long ago.

I have a friend who is introverted as well, she is also a teacher. It’s funny because it seems that people expect teachers to be loud.

Introversion – is it bad to be an introvert? Are introverts looked down on?

For me, the answer to that question is ‘no’. There are some very famous introverts out there who changed the world

  • Albert Einstein
  • Rosa Parks
  • Bill Gates
  • Eleanor Roosevelt

Would these people have acted differently or excelled in another area if they had been extroverts? Would they have been successful?

It’s funny how personalities dictate the way you are treated… I’m sure extroverts get tired of all being put into the same box, just as introverts are!

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