My Personal Style: An Evolution

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It is no secret that I love fashion. I’ve loved fashion for a really long time, and I thought I’d share a little bit about my personal style.

My Personal Style:

A lot of people may see loving fashion as a bit materialistic, but for me, fashion, and knowing your own personal style, is so much more than just looking cool and trendy.

Fashion is so much deeper than keeping up with the latest looks. It’s about having a personal style, a look that you identify with. A style you relate to, a style that makes you feel amazing and confident.

It took me a few years to really develop my own sense of style. I’d like to say my style is classic and timeless, as a lot of the pieces I buy can be worn for many years. A lot of the dresses I own are vintage, and I believe that due to the cut, the material and the style, they can be en vogue for a long time.

However, recently I’ve been really loving the fashion trends. I have so much love for 1970s style jeans, bell sleeves, and stripes. Most of the time, when I’ve finished work, I can be found trawling through online shopping sites (most of the time I don’t buy anything, I just put things on my wishlist).

my personal style

1970s style jeans: Zara.

There are actually so many looks and styles that I love at the moment, that my wardrobe is a mishmash of different looks. Some days are miniskirt and loafer days, some are 1940s dresses. It all depends on my mood.

My personal style

A true vintage dress from the 1940s. Thanks, eBay!

When I first started delving into personal style, I drew up a list of styles that I loved.

This really helped me with purchasing pieces that last a long time in the fashion world. Fast fashion is such a ‘thing’ these days, that I really don’t want to buy items that look dated by the next season.

It really is interesting for me, to see how much my personal style has changed over the years. In University, I was a jeans and converse girl. The skinnier the jeans the better. My converse were bright pink and black high tops. I loved them. I wore them so much that by the time I finished uni they had no soles.

When I started teaching I was really into fishnet tights, vintage dresses and combat boots. A look I really must revisit one day.

I really don’t want to revisit my high school and primary school fashion choices. Let’s just say, the 90s and 2000s were not good fashion years. Hipster jeans were so uncomfortable but I insisted on wearing them.

But here’s a picture of me going through my moody phase in 2015. A time when I thought the more eyeliner, the better (although I am really impressed with my cat eye flicks here…I spent a lot of time watching makeup tutorials that year):

My personal style

My personal style

I have evolved from this moody makeup look. Plus, this is me with a pixie cut (still my favourite hairstyle on me).


Telling the truth about personal style:

“Never confuse fashion and style. Fashion relies on unattainable looks on women with unrealistic bodies. Style is about utilizing the best aspects of you.”  – Stacy London.

I feel that a lot of fashion is unattainable. There are so many people telling women what they must look like, or how they should dress. Because following fashion and looking trendy is so much better than dressing for ourselves (sarcasm). I think there is so much pressure on women to be fashion-forward and to always look her best. There are days when we don’t have the best skin, or we feel a bit frumpy in our clothes. And that is ok. There is so much out there that women can’t attain.

Women are shown that skinny is prettier, and then told that skinny is not pretty. For women to be told to lose weight because they’ll look better. I really think that there are so many people telling women what their bodies should look like when really, your body is your own. Nobody should be telling you to change your body shape. Becuase it isn’t any of their damn business.

Sociologist, Dr Ruth Quibell says that we should experiment to “… strengthen our social selves, our character, rather than simply letting our uniforms do the talking.  To do this, we might avoid fashion for a while – to experiment with style, rather than what’s “now”.”

Being a blogger, I now see so many more women with their own personal style, and that is something I find really inspiring. I think being able to dress the way you want is so powerful and brave. There are always going to be those haters out there who complain about your style choices because they don’t fit into society. Or they are different.

People are scared of different.

my personal style

Now, to finish on a light note, I have decided to share a few of my earliest blogging ootd photos with you (reminder: I started my original blog in 2012 #noregrets).

It’s really been a laugh going through those photos. I still have that old blog, so reading my posts really makes me realise how far I’ve come (and some have given me inspiration – e.g. I used to have a vintage fashion series and baking series..may reinvent them!).

my personal style

My vintage dress, fishnet tights and combat boots ensemble I was talking about earlier.

my personal style

High-waisted jeans, Beatles t-shirt, letterman cardie.

my personal style

I don’t know what I was thinking…

my personal style

Ok, but not great.


As you can see, when I first started taking outfit photos, I used my sister’s room. The only room with a full-length mirror. I never removed the bags and exercise bands (for physio purposes) from the door handles because #lazy.

My personal style


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  1. Lisa McLachlan

    12/05/2018 at 11:56 AM

    This was such an interesting post. I loved seeing how your style has evolved over the years (the moody shot resonated with me too!). And your comment about adding items to your shopping basket but rarely buying made me chuckle. It’s true, fashion is not style and I think it’s something that we could all do with remembering. Thank you for sharing your photos, a real trip down memory lane! x

    1. kattie

      12/05/2018 at 8:54 PM

      Thank you! It wasn’t until I was looking through the photos that I noticed how much it’s changed since 2013. I have so many things in my saved items on Asos, I need to sort through them and actually buy! Thanks for your lovely comment x

  2. Bexa

    12/05/2018 at 2:52 PM

    I love those 1970s Zara jeans! 💖 They are so cool! It was really interesting to read about your different styles (yay for pixie cuts 😍). I also had the moody phase where I dressed in black all the time 🙈. Great post girl, love your photos, thanks for sharing 😘 xx

    Bexa |

    1. kattie

      12/05/2018 at 8:52 PM

      Pixie cuts are so easy to take care of (most of the time). I keep wanting to get one again, but it took so long to get my hair to this length!
      Thank you! 🙂

  3. Reni E.

    12/05/2018 at 7:40 PM

    I like the pixie cut very much on you! But you also look gorgeous with longer hair.
    ❤ Reni

    1. kattie

      12/05/2018 at 8:50 PM

      Thank you 🙂 I’d love to get a pixie cut again one day!

  4. Sophie

    12/05/2018 at 9:05 PM

    I love reading about how people’s style evolves over the years! Mine is really boring, it hasn’t changed since I was about 14. I’ve always loved the 60s and Chanel. That translates to a mainly monochrome wardrobe with a few bits of added tweed. I love that you included the throwback pictures too x


    1. kattie

      14/05/2018 at 6:02 AM

      I love the 60s and Chanel! Such a great era for fashion.
      Thank you – it took a while finding the photos, but I’m glad I added them in!

  5. Kate

    27/05/2018 at 5:47 PM

    hahah the GIFS / Memes in this really made me laugh! It’s so cool seeing your style evolution. Also – you look amazing with a Pixie Cut! I wish I could pull one of those off but I just do not have a bone structure like you!
    Kate x

    1. kattie

      30/05/2018 at 8:31 AM

      I love using gifs and memes in my posts. They always make me laugh 😀
      Thank you! I love looking at where I was before, in terms of style, and comparing it to where I am now.
      I miss my pixie cut so much. I wish I could go back to that! But I’ve spent the last 1.5 years growing my hair out…it feels a shame to cut all my hair off again! 🙂 Thank you for such a lovely comment! x

  6. Nancy

    30/06/2018 at 5:42 AM

    There’s nothing wrong with being materialistic and it’s great that you have your own style! Fashion is everyone’s personal taste and you can dress yourself to represent your taste! Love that you had different variations of dressing up. I know I love dresses a bit too much. Thanks for sharing your journey!

    Nancy ♥

    1. kattie

      01/07/2018 at 4:39 AM

      Yes, I definitely agree – there is nothing wrong with being materialistic. I mean, who doesn’t like treating themselves to something nice now and then! I love how you can dress to reflect yourself, and it’s so important to do that. Haha, the 90s and early 2000s were such an amazing time for fashion 😀 Thank you! xx

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