On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: 1960s Hot Pink Dress

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On Wednesday I had an ‘on Wednesdays we wear pink’ moment. Pink is one of those colours that I’ve never really worn. It was always a colour that I thought never really suited me. I didn’t start contemplating wearing this delicious shade of colour until I discovered this 1960s hot pink dress.  To be completely honest, I didn’t buy this (no I didn’t shoplift it), I made it using a vintage mod dress pattern.

Traditionally I’ve always been more of a darker shade of colours person.

Black, navy blue, dark red, green. All those colours that suited my skin tone, didn’t clash with my eyes and also complimented my hair. I’d always viewed pink as being a pastel colour. Pastel doesn’t suit me at all!

For me, red has always been my go-to colour. It’s sexy, loud, in your face (pretty much everything my personality isn’t). Red is for me what pink is to Elle Woods.

on wednesdays we wear pink

I decided to make this dress in a hot pink colour, as the material was just really lovely. I love the little flowers embroidered all over it, and it really feels like a one of a kind dress.

on wednesdays we wear pink

This is really an ‘on Wednesdays we wear pink’ dress. I mean, it works into the Mean Girls theme so well! The colour is bright, bold and beautiful. It makes me feel amazing, and I always accessorise it with a white vintage belt. It accentuates my waist, which I love. Although I have been told I am a beanpole with no womanly curves to speak of. Someone actually said to me today that I have no bum. I was like “I have a bum, it’s just small”.

on wednesdays we wear pink

I think every Wednesday should be a day to wear pink!

However, I am definitely not saying we should be like the Mean Girls because despite how funny it is it is actually kind of believable. There are people like that out in the school (and working) world. And I do find it hilarious that they have their rules of what to wear on certain days. There’s the ‘on Wednesdays we wear pink’ rule and also the ‘you can only wear jeans or track pants on Friday’ rule.

Wearing this dress made me feel brave, bold and beautiful.

It made me feel like I could take anything on. It’s just one of those dresses…you know. Those dresses that make you feel like no one can tell you what to do. One of those dresses that have a sign above your head saying ‘Hey, you…look at me’. Not that I’m an attention seeker. It’s just nice having a dress that people take notice of and compliment.

on wednesdays we wear pink

I also found this post from a few years ago where these girls dressed like the mean girls for a week:

I’m really proud of myself because I just balanced my phone on the steps to take these photos. Such fun.

I hope you all have had a lovely Friday, and start to the weekend.



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  1. Sarah

    17/03/2018 at 7:43 PM

    I love the dress on you xx

  2. Jenny in Neverland

    19/03/2018 at 1:16 PM

    That looks lovely! It’s such a statement dress 🙂 xxx

  3. Charlene McElhinney

    19/03/2018 at 9:21 PM

    I loved this post and you are ROCKING this dress! I’ve always wanted to get myself a dress like Penny from Hairspray (in the final song:you can stop the beat) but I’ve always thought I wouldn’t suit it. Or it’s too outdated. After this post I’m off to search eBay to see if I can get one! Thank you!!!

    Charlene McElhinney

    1. kattie

      20/03/2018 at 6:34 AM

      Thank you!! Hairspray is one of my all-time favourites and I love the dresses in it! 🙂 Definitely, have a look on ebay – or vintage shops often have really good sixties dresses!

  4. Kate

    19/03/2018 at 10:32 PM

    You look amazing in your dress! You have a lovely figure so I have no idea what that person was talking about! Also amazing work on managing to take pics on your phone whilst it balanced on the steps – I have all kinds of ridiculous contraptions built in order to take my photos. Also I can’t believe how talented you are for making this! I want one 🙂
    Kate x

    1. kattie

      20/03/2018 at 6:35 AM

      Thank you 🙂 I was like ‘thanks?’. I didn’t know if it was a compliment or not haha! I’ve got really good at balancing my phone on things to take photos. It’s really become a skill. The photo taking skills should really have a mention in our cvs. 😀

  5. Sophie

    19/03/2018 at 10:43 PM

    I was nodding so much through the first part of this. I only ever wear darker shades because I think it looks better and red is my colour when I want colour (there is no better colour than red). And I never ever wear pink. I’m struggling to think if I own anything pink. That being said, that dress looks lovely on you. Trying something new can surprise you sometimes! x


    1. kattie

      20/03/2018 at 6:37 AM

      Agreed! I love red – it is such a passionate colour! Yes, it definitely surprised me with how this colour actually suited me. It’s one of the only pink items in my wardrobe and I love it!

  6. Jessica

    20/03/2018 at 4:34 PM

    I love pink! I can’t wait to get all my bright-coloured clothes out soon once the sun starts to appear! The dress looks lovely on you by the way x

    1. kattie

      21/03/2018 at 7:03 AM

      I’m going to miss these colours when it turns to winter here! Thank you so much 🙂

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