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A Sunday Brunch at Crossroads Cafe

On Sunday, I went to a #brunchclub event with other bloggers from New Zealand. It was my first time attending an event like that, and despite my nerves, I had a great time. A Sunday Brunch at Crossroads Cafe: The other bloggers there were really lovely, and it was great to talk about our blogs, and our lives outside of blogging. I’ve actually been a member of NZBloggers since 2015, as I previously had another blog. However, I never attended any of their events. So, I decided that with  ...

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The Isle of Capri

Earlier this year, I went on a Contiki tour of Italy. I had a great time, made some good new friends, and really experienced many things Italy had to offer. I wanted to go to Italy since I was a teenager, mostly because of the food, history and culture. Italy seemed like such an interesting place to visit. I decided to take a Contiki tour of Italy, as my time was short and I had spent the last year and a half travelling solo to most places. One of my favourite places in Italy was Capri. The  ...

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Shopping Days: OOTD

I love shopping days. Probably too much, to be honest. But there’s something amazing about going to the shops and finding something new to wear. It’s even better when there’s a sale one! I went to the Northwest Mall, in West Auckland, with my mum on Saturday. It was so nice to go out with her and just chat about everything.Β I can also trust my mum to give me an honest opinion about clothes that I try on. One of my favourite shops to go to is Mirrou. It’s a cheap  ...

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Why does sexism still exist?

Over the last week, I’ve been thinking about sexism, and why on earth it still exists today. It always astounds me that although we’re in ‘modern times’, there is still so much sexism around. Sexism: Why does it still exist? Where do I start? How could the President have got into power when he is so racist and sexist? He has no issue being outwardly sexist. How could people vote for someone who says ‘grab them by the pussy’. There is really no excuse for  ...

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