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Self-hosting – will this work?

I’ve dabbled in self-hosting before, on my other blog, but always found I liked the community of wordpress.com. I also found I lost almost all of my followers and my photos disappeared. I thought that since this blog is quite new, it would be a good idea to try self-hosting before this blog got too established. Self-hosting is easy and there are many more options for blogging – e.g. having more theme choices. All the bloggers out there have mentioned that the first thing you  ...

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Being Bold With Fashion Choices

I believe that it is incredibly important to be bold with fashion choices. It is important because how you dress reflects your personality and your pride in yourself. When I was younger I followed the herd, I wanted to be like everyone else. I wanted to follow all the trends because I was afraid to be me and to show my personality through how I dressed.

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Welcome to my new blog.  This isn’t my first time out in the blogosphere, but I decided to create a blog dedicated to feminism, fashion and, possibly a bit of travel. I believe fashion and feminism go hand in hand.    

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