Sunshine Blogger Award!

I’m so thankful to LP from The Newbury Girl for the nomination for the sunshine blogger award! You can find the original post here. These awards are always such a great way to get to know each other, and I really enjoy writing them!

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Spruce Up Your Wardrobe and Welcome Fall and Winter in Style

Welcome Fall and Winter in Style: Okay ladies, it’s time to get busy. If you have to dedicate an entire day for cleaning out your closet, do it. There are always Saturdays and lazy Sundays, so pick your day and just do it. The harsher weather is upon us. That means two things. First, you have to ensure you have all the proper ‘gear’ to stay warm and cozy. Secondly, just because summer is gone it doesn’t mean you can’t show off your mad styling skills. Therefore, after you’ve safely packed  ...

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