Five Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Although it is winter where I am at the moment, I will be spending two weeks in summer when I go to Japan! I am so excited and can’t wait to get a bit of Vitamin-D and some sun on my winter white skin (seriously, why do I lose my tan so quickly?). There are a few summer wardrobe essentials that I simply cannot live without – I’m not including sunglasses, as they are a must-have for the summertime!

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Top Five Favourite Markets in London

When I lived in England, I spent most of my time in London. I loved visiting the markets there, and there was just so much to see! For years, I had read about these amazing markets, and I made it my job to visit every single one. So, here is a list of my Top Five Favourite Markets in London.

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The Effect of Beauty on Success and Self-Confidence

The Effect of Beauty on Success and Self-Confidence Humans are very visual creatures. Ever since the dawn of time, we’ve always had this craving to see beautiful things around us, to be the beautiful thing ourselves. From the ancient Egyptians who crushed beetles to get pigment they could apply to their eyes, to the modern day makeup and procedures – we’ve thought of a million ways to cultivate our appearance, to enhance features, to play with colours. We’ve always been so creative in the  ...

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