The Simple Life: If Life Was Simple It’d Be Much Easier

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Sometimes I groan to myself ‘why is life so hard?’. And then I remember, life is meant to be hard. You are supposed to go through ups and downs. If life was simple it’d be much easier, that’s true. But would it be as fun? Would you develop as a person if everything got handed to you on a plate?

I am a firm believer in working hard. I started working at 17, in a supermarket. This was all in preparation for University (as I paid my way through, rather than getting a loan).

Working in supermarkets taught me that:

  1. I’d never survive in retail, and I fully support those who do, as I know how hard it can be dealing with difficult customers.
  2. That to get what you want in life you need to work hard. You need to dedicate yourself to your dreams.

I know that sometimes it is a drag working hard because all you want is a break! However, there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you finally get something you’ve worked so hard for!

Life is full of ups and downs. Breakups, makeups, friends coming and going, losing family members and gaining new ones. All of the lows make you into a stronger person though. It is hard losing people close to you, but the way I cope with it is by talking to them (even if they can’t hear you) and thinking of them often. I know it sounds crazy to talk to them, but it is kind of therapeutic. Plus, you know there won’t be an argument back!

There are times when I feel sad/annoyed/angry that my life isn’t exactly how I wanted it, or I don’t seem to be having as much fun as people on social media. But the thing is with social media is that it is all filtered. Some bloggers have recently written about how you only see the good parts of their lives and not the bad. In this day and age, it is so easy to get FOMO.

Is social media healthy? That is what Meera from Escapes and Epiphanies brings up. I really believe that it isn’t healthy. Like I said above, it is so easy to compare yourself to others and feel jealous of what they have and what you don’t!

But, I fear I am moving away from my blog topic here!

However, if life was simple, it’d be much easier.

if life was simple

You wouldn’t have to worry about money (I know is a real pain in the arse worrying about whether you have enough money for rent, food and transport costs), you wouldn’t have to worry about always working the 9-5, or overtime just for a couple of dollars more. You wouldn’t have to worry about being able to provide for your family, or if you should really buy that gorgeous Kate Spade bag that you’ve been eyeing up for ages.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, you don’t really get the recognition though.

If life was simple, it’d be much easier.

So, it can go both ways. Like everything, there is a positive and negative side of each argument.

Some may say I am totally overthinking this ‘if life was simpler, it’d be much easier’ thing. They may also sa it means living a minimalistic life, cutting down on social media and the number of clothes in your wardrobe. Am I overthinking this whole thing? Probably!

So, what do you think? Would you rather a simple life?


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