Spruce Up Your Wardrobe and Welcome Fall and Winter in Style

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Welcome Fall and Winter in Style:

Okay ladies, it’s time to get busy. If you have to dedicate an entire day for cleaning out your closet, do it. There are always Saturdays and lazy Sundays, so pick your day and just do it. The harsher weather is upon us. That means two things. First, you have to ensure you have all the proper ‘gear’ to stay warm and cozy. Secondly, just because summer is gone it doesn’t mean you can’t show off your mad styling skills. Therefore, after you’ve safely packed away all your summer dresses. It’s time to go shopping for the chic and trendy fall and winter items your wardrobe is lacking and craving for.

Never let me go

This is the song you’ll be singing to your new outerwear as soon as the Indian summer is gone. You have several amazing options, so try to choose wisely, keeping your style persona in mind. When it comes to fall, there are two obvious choices – the edgy leather jacket and the classic trench coat. They both look amazing and bring every outfit to new heights, so it’s just a matter of preference. There is no risk of making a mistake. Now, when thinking about winter, and you should, you also have tons of incredible options. We’ve narrowed it down to a cute and trendy checked winter coat and an oversized saturated one, like the ones Marc Jacobs presented during his fall fashion show. Now that we have that covered, let’s move on.

Spruce Up Your Wardrobe and Welcome Fall and Winter in Style

Move it, move it!

Although many of us get really lazy during these seasons and make all kinds of excuses, this is actually the perfect time to NOT quit the gym. If you exercise during the winter, this coming spring you’ll be ready to slay. Therefore, go check out the latest collections from your favourite sports brand and get equipped. When you have the right clothes, you’ll be essentially compelled to hit the gym. Now, as we know that finding the right undergarments can be a real struggle, especially if you are bustier. So, make sure you find the perfect plus size sports bra. Exercising is gruelling enough even with proper support, so make it a priority to find the one that will hold everything in place.

The signature piece

Belting blazers has become all the rage, but in order to belt it you first have to own it. An oversized double-breasted checked blazer might just be the perfect choice. It’s wide enough to look cool and casual, and when you belt it, it will look fitted and accentuate your waist. However, there is another reason why oversized beats fitted. First, you will be rocking a lot of sweaters, and this blazer can take it without making you look all puffy and big. You can’t do that with a fitted one. Still, if your style gut tells you to go with fitted, make sure you have that trench on to keep you warm.

Spruce Up Your Wardrobe and Welcome Fall and Winter in Style

Dress time isn’t over

No, no, we’re not giving up on dresses. The latest Chanel line was filled with glittery tights to keep our legs sparkly and warm, so dresses we will wear. Still, we won’t be able to hold on to our light and frilly ones. Instead, we’ll resort to knit sweater dresses which look amazing with thigh-high and ankle boots. Plus, with a variety of trendy prints, you won’t look like you’re wearing something your grandma knit. You have the stripes, the dots – a plethora of prints. Also, we hear corduroy is making a comeback and a snake-print corduroy dress would totally slay this season.

Style it up and down
Whoever invented the ingenious boyfriend jeans should get a medal or a style award of some sort. The perfect pair of boyfriend jeans goes with virtually anything, from dressy tops to cozy sweaters and everything in between. The best part, there is a pair for every body type. Therefore, whether you prefer a slimmer or a slouchier cut, straight leg, ripped or simple, you’ll always find the pair that does your figure justice. The final incentive – you will always look effortlessly cool and chic in them, and the level of comfort is incomparable to all other types of jeans.

Bare necessities

Long cardigans are the new crew sweaters. You can pair them with tees, blouses, and essentially any other top. They are casual, but with the right skirt, perhaps a fitted pencil skirt, they can look ultra-chic. The best part is that they’re amazing for practising your layering skills, looking stylish and not preppy. Get them in all your favourite colours and rock them every chance you get. Did we mention that they also chase the winter blues away?

Something sparkly

This season, you simply have to own something a bit shiny and polished. It can be a patent-leather bag, ankle boots, a skirt or even a patent leather dress. Tom Ford has spoken and this is the new (old) vamp fabric. We all have our vamp moments so just go with the flow and embrace that fierce goddess within. You know you want to.

Spruce Up Your Wardrobe and Welcome Fall and Winter in Style

Let’s talk accessories

You may wonder why we haven’t mentioned the animal print. Well, we’ve been saving it for last. As this is a very bold print, it is our belief that you should wear it in the classiest way – pick your battles. A leopard print bag can bring the pizzazz your outfit needs, and so can a pair of snake-print boots of any length. It’s important not to go overboard with this print. When wearing one of these accessories, make sure the rest of your outfit is toned down. You want chic and stylish not a hot print mess.

Now that you know what you need, go and see what you already have. As for the things that are missing – hit the stores and go on a hunt. Good luck.

fall and winter in style


Spruce Up Your Wardrobe and Welcome Fall and Winter in Style

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  1. key

    27/11/2018 at 7:49 PM

    I’m in with winter outfits 😍 I wish we have winter here and I’ll wear them all!! 🤩🤩🤩

    kwy xx

    1. kattie

      30/11/2018 at 8:12 PM

      Me too! I love Winter fashion. 😀

  2. Sophie Wentworth

    28/11/2018 at 7:22 AM

    I love thick tights in A/W with jumper dresses or skirts. It means your wardrobe can last a little longer and it can look super cute too x


    1. kattie

      30/11/2018 at 8:11 PM

      That’s one of my favourite things to wear! They do look really cute – I also like getting tights with patterns on them – like those knitted ones. I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s like a rasied knitted pattern 😀

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