Stupid Reasons Why I Like Being Single

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I’m single and ready to mingle. I feel like I’ve been single for ages, but it has only really been 6 months since my last relo finished. Despite feeling like I need a new beaufran, I do enjoy some aspects of being single. Mostly stupid reasons why I like being single.

Stupid Reasons Why I Like Being Single

1. I like having an extended afternoon tea that just kind of melts into dinner.

This is good for those afternoons when I leave work a bit earlier, it is too early for dinner but I’m hungry. What should I do? Have one long snack session. I know it isn’t healthy, but it’s easier for when I’m tired or can’t be bothered to cook.

stupid reasons why i like being single

This photo is in no way related to arvo tea…but Gollum! Source.

2. I don’t have to shave my legs.

I’m always surprised at how much longer my morning routine is when I have to shave my legs. It’s liberating being able to just have a 5-minute shower and not have to touch the razer. I also like stroking my legs to see how furry they have become. That sounds borderline creepy. Why does it matter if my legs are hairy anyway?

3. I can watch as much TOWIE as I like. 

I love TOWIE. It’s so bad but so good. As someone who used to live in Essex, I find that it really takes me back to that time of my life. The only issue is, that after I watch enough TOWIE, I start speaking in an Essex sounding accent again. Like, wha’ever. And let me tell you, I am loving how TOWIE is on Netflix! It is also so quotable:

4. My favourite undies are granny undies. 

I do love a nice pair of undies, but granny undies are just so comfortable.

stupid reasons why I like being single


5. I can travel to places I want to go to and be completely selfish.

As someone who loves to travel, I find that when I travel solo I go to all the places I want to go to! I do enjoy having travel buddies though, as it can get a bit lonely travelling by myself. That is why I stay at hostels, so I can meet other young, like-minded travellers.

6. I can have a Netflix session without the chill.

And I can watch as much Netflix as I like. #nojudging

7. Nights out

I like being able to go out and have my options open. When I’m single I can do as many slut drops on the dance floor as I like – although, I don’t really go to clubs anymore. I’m too old for that. I prefer old pubs with nice architecture and pool tables.

Now, as much as I do enjoy being single, I still really love the idea of being in love. The search for ‘love’ has been really entertaining. And, despite family members thinking I am just complaining about every dude I’ve dated, I really have tried very hard to get along with these guys. I’ve tried to make myself like them as more than a friend, but you can’t force feelings…you know?

stupid reasons why i like being single

So, if you want to read more about my dating life, have a read of this interesting throwback post:

The Dating Life.

It features me, the disappointment, talking about how I didn’t expect to be in my late twenties and still dating 😀


  1. Yvan

    09/01/2019 at 9:25 AM

    I love my husband and kids, but I can totally relate to this post! Haha!

    1. kattie

      10/01/2019 at 4:10 PM

      😂😂 it’s funny how it’s these little things that you think about! I like being single, but at the same time I like sharing my time and life with others!

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