The Dating Life

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The Dating Life: Why is it so difficult?!?!

I never thought I’d be in my late 20s and still dating.

Growing up, I always thought that I would have children in my early twenties and that I’d be married by the time I was 23. And lord, how things change!

I suppose I got those ideas from my mum who was married at 23 and had her first child at 24.

However, I never expected it to be so difficult to find a man/boyfriend/future husband.

Is there something wrong with me? Am I incapable of finding love?

Or are there other people out there like me…wanting to find someone but unable to settle.

One of my biggest issues is ‘settling’. I don’t want to just find someone who wants to date me, and settle for him.  Maybe that’s bad? I don’t know.

The dating life for me has started up again, which I highly dislike.  For someone who is so keen to find a husband/boyfriend/man-friend, I sure hate dating.

It’s so scary. I’m sure it’s scary for both genders.

What if he doesn’t find me funny, or what if my breath smells or something, or what if I can’t think of what to say?

How does one let go of those fears, or worries, and just be carefree?

I have a date tonight with someone I don’t even like and don’t want to date. I only said yes because I was pressured into it. That sounds really mean and awful, but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.  Now I don’t know how I’ll tell him, thanks but no thanks.

I think the fact that I have some horror stories from my dating life has kind of put me off dating.

Let’s see, there was one guy who told off some old people for asking if they could sit at the same picnic bench as us.  The reason why they asked was because they had no where else to sit and were unable to sit on the ground.

Another guy spent the whole time talking about all the motorbike accidents he’d been in.

And another started stroking my arm. Like for real? I don’t even know you guy!

I’m trying to get over this ‘I’m really annoyed to be dating’ phase, it’s difficult, but if we all stick together, I think we can get through it.

Inbetweeners alcoholics

I don’t know why, but writing the last sentence reminded me of The Inbetweeners “we’re alcoholics” scene.


Who else has found the dating life difficult?


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