The World’s Worst Date – A Tinder Story

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Ok, so I may have exaggerated a bit with ‘the world’s worst date’ title. But, seriously it was the worst date I’ve been on in ages!.

As I write this, I feel the most single I’ve ever felt in my life.

My brother, sister, cousins, and one of my best friends are all in relos. Like, how did this happen? How did I get to the age of 27, with no boyfriend and no love life to speak of?

Yeah, sure I’ve had a boyfriend before/a love life, but the guys I’ve gone out with lately have been vomit inducing. Not just in looks, because some of them were good looking, but it was their personalities that really pissed me off. Where are the Tom Hiddlestone’s and James Franco’s of this world?

the world's worst date

Why is it so hard to just meet someone?

The World’s Worst Date – A Tinder Story:

My brother met his boyfriend on Tinder, and I thought, well if he managed to find someone on there, maybe I would. So, there I was happily (and slightly addicted) to right and left when I came across someone who was tall, ok looking and Dutch.

We ended up meeting up for dinner after work one day. The date itself went ok, but he started drinking too much and got really drunk. I don’t know how he managed to get home on public transport. He walked me to my car, and I mentioned how quiet it was.

Is it my fault what happened next? Maybe I should not have mentioned how quiet it was.

He said in a creepy tone

No one is here to see me do this.

He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me into his side. I did a duck and weave away from him, because I didn’t really feel like getting groped.

It was slightly awkward after that.

When we finally got to my car, he started following me with his face (he wanted to kiss me goodbye). His breath stunk of alcohol and I did not appreciate getting felt up. The thing that irks me is that these guys don’t even ask permission. I’m not a prude, but I just don’t like that on the first date.

I hopped in my car, waited until he walked far enough away before shouting ‘ew, ew, ew’ and laughing madly.

He messaged me afterwards saying he’d love to meet up again after work (wink wink nudge nudge). I just ignored him.

Why is it so hard to meet someone?

I don’t want to seem like I’m always complaining about guys, and never giving them a chance. But, I have just had so much bad luck recently that I can’t help be sceptical!

All I want is someone I actually like (well, duh). I don’t want to just have a fling. I’d love to meet someone who would like to travel with me and experience everything the world has to offer. I’d love someone who is a partner in crime (not actual crime obviously).

the world's worst date finding love


Has anyone had bad date experiences?


  1. Kylie Maria Gil

    24/02/2018 at 6:34 PM

    Yikes… Dates are horrible, jeez, I’ve only been on a couple… But, mine have been pretty trash, too.

    1. kattie

      24/02/2018 at 9:48 PM

      Yes, I’ve had a few dates that have been good, but the majority haven’t been good! I have one today and I hope this one goes well!

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