Why I Love to Shop

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I love to shop. There’s definitely no secret about that! Some people do yoga to relax, some watch TV or spend time in the outdoors. Me? Well, shopping is my favourite way to relax. Here’s why I love to shop.

Shopping is therapeutic. In the old days (a few years ago), I’d go shopping to make myself feel better. It was a way for me to get rid of any insecurities in a way. I loved the feeling when I bought something. The excitement I’d get when I would think about wearing these new items of clothing. I always really related to Becky from Confessions of a Shopaholic (I love the movie also, but I was a bit disappointed with it. The books are my favourite).

why i love to shop

I love fashion, and style, and clothes, and shoes. And bags too! I love putting outfits together and finding items that match and go together. It is kind of tricky to explain that feeling when you get some new clothes and they just work.

Do I have a shopping problem? No. I do love to shop, but I know when I shouldn’t splurge on that gorgeous bag from Kate Spade (I still haven’t bought one, but I’m looking and admiring).

I read an interesting article about being a shopaholic (also known as a compulsive buyer), and although I can relate with some points, other’s don’t really relate to me.

Some points that do relate to me are:

  1. Feeling like I’m putting things back into order.
  2. Liking that feeling of buying something new and appearing cool.

I know, I know. Which 28-year-old worries about appearing cool? I guess it’s not that I want to appear cool, I just love some of the fashions that are out and about lately. I like being able to mix old with new. The mix of vintage with a new, modern twist is one of my favourites. Vintage shopping is another one of my favourite past-times. It is something I have cut back a lot on though. My wardrobe cannot fit another vintage dress in it (it actually could, but I am not allowing myself to even think about entering a vintage shop).

A lot of people might say that loving shopping and fashion so much is just materialistic, however, where would we be if we didn’t have fashion and style? Everyone would be dressed the same, there would be nothing different. And being different is what I love about style. I love seeing people with their own personal style – it really is a way to form your own identity.

why I love to shop

Source: Glamour Mag


As Rachel Zoe said:

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak


That is so true.

In conclusion, shopping is one of my favourite things to do. Whether it is window shopping or actual shopping. However, there are certain things I cherish more than shopping. They would be: my dog, my family and my friends.

Maybe I should change my career to a personal shopper or stylist.

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