You’re looking for perfection and you must lower your standards.

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Some certain family members and friends have told me that my standards are too high and I am just “looking for perfection”. Am I? This post explores the idea of having standards. Should one lower them if one can’t find a partner?

Now, a little bit about me:

I have never changed my relationship status on facebook and I have never referred to any man I’ve dated as my boyfriend.

Some people might ask:

“What’s wrong with you?”

My answer to that is that I haven’t met a man that I want to spend a long time, perhaps a life time, with. I haven’t met the man who makes my heart pound (as cliche as that sounds!) and I certainly have never met the man who I want to love.

Does such a man exist? Am I looking for perfection?

To those questions, I say yes and no.

Yes, a man who I want to love exists.  And no, I am certainly not looking for perfection.

I don’t expect the man I meet to be perfect in every way – that’s ridiculous. I just want someone who is perfect for me, meaning someone I get on well with, someone who gets my sense of humour, someone who loves me and I him.

lowering standards

Having standards is so important, and standards should be constant when you are dating.  I think it is a bad idea to lower your standards, just because you are lonely or want to be in a relationship.

“The difference between ‘must’ and ‘should’ is the life you want and the life you have.” -Tony Robbins

One of my questions was:

If you can’t find a boyfriend, should you lower your standards?


single standards

I don’t mean that these standards must only be set on ‘looks’ and the physical attractiveness of potential partners (however, there has to be sexual attraction).  I find my standards are mostly about the personality and nature of my potential partner.

audrey hepburn love

Do you need to have a long list of standards?  No.  I believe that while it is important to have standards, it is also just as important not to have too many.

For example, my list is:

  1. Respectful
  2. Well presented (hygiene, dress sense)
  3. Sense of humour (so, so important)
  4. Ambitious


Audrey hepburn laugh

So, to my readers: What do you think of having standards? Would you lower them, or would you keep them where they are?

Is having standards a bad thing?

Tell me your thoughts!


  1. Chiara

    17/02/2018 at 1:18 AM

    I think you should totally keep your standards high. No settling! Life’s too short for mediocrity. I kept my standards high and found the Love of my life. You will too!

    1. kattie

      17/02/2018 at 5:58 AM

      Yes, I definitely will keep my standards high. I contemplated lowering them, but I just don’t think I can! Thank you 🙂

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